Sculptra in Nampa, ID

SculptraSculptra is a cosmetic filler that is used to fill in areas of the face that have hollowed with age. It recontours the face by bringing back volume to the cheeks, chin, temples, jawline and the folds that develop between the sides of the nose and corners of the mouth. The result is diminished wrinkles and a natural, more youthful fullness of the face.

Sculptra is made from a synthetic lactic acid solution that is created in a laboratory. Lactic acid is a natural substance that humans store in their muscles, but this particular solution recreates the acid with no human or animal products. However, it still reacts naturally when introduced into the skin by way of a tiny needle and triggers the production of collagen. A topical solution is given at the dermatologist's office before treatment and the results will gradually develop over a period of weeks as more collagen is built up in the treated areas. During the first week, it is extremely important to carefully massage the areas of the face that were injected with Sculptra. Otherwise, small nodules, or lumps, can develop under the skin. These lumps will require further treatment with another solution to dissolve them.

To get their desired appearance, most patients will need between three and six treatments. Once the results are evident, the effects of Sculptra can last up to two years before a reapplication is needed. A licensed and trained physician, like those at Comprehensive Dermatology of Idaho, will offer the best, most thorough and safest Sculptra treatments.

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