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By Comprehensive Dermatology of Idaho
April 21, 2016
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At Comprehensive Dermatology of Idaho, our dermatologists pride themselves on staying up-to-date on the latest in skin treatments. laser dermatologyLaser technology, a service proudly offered at our dermatology practice in Nampa, Idaho, is a versatile way to treat a multitude of skin-related issues. Learn more about the use of laser technology here:

Vascular conditions

Veins that are located close to the surface of the skin can create unsightly conditions like spider veins, varicose veins and other vascular lesions like hemangiomas and "port-wine stains." Your Nampa dermatologist will focus the laser on the affected area, and the light from it is drawn to the bright red or purple coloration. The veins collapse under the concentrated heat of the laser and, over time, are absorbed into the skin.

Hair removal

This particular laser service offered by your Nampa dermatologist removes unwanted body hair by weakening the hair follicles in a particular area. Many of our patients at Comprehensive Dermatology of Idaho who seek laser hair removal have excess or noticeable hair on their face, under their arms, on their stomachs or in the bikini area. Laser technology works best on dark, coarse hair, since the laser relies on the contrast between the targeted area and the surrounding skin.

Cosmetic issues

Laser technology has been especially beneficial in the cosmetic dermatology arena. The controlled wavelengths of light are excellent at targeting problem areas that can't be easily covered with makeup or treated with skincare products. The laser used at your Nampa dermatologist's office can remove surface wrinkles from the face, sun damage or age spots and reddened areas on the facial skin.

If you think you have a condition that might benefit from laser services, give Comprehensive Dermatology of Idaho in Nampa, Idaho a call! We'd be happy to set you up with a consultation that could be a life-changing experience!